Storage Ideas for Boys Bedroom


If your kid’s bedroom is anything like mine, you may find yourself constantly trying to find places of where to store books, soft toys and play things. It may not be in the budget to redecorate or build new storage solutions and it can also be challenging if you are in rented accommodation unable to decorate. We moved a few times when we lived in the US and so I had to come up with creative ideas of how to create storage solutions in the homes we rented.  It was also a nice way to add some simple personal touches to the room.

So here are some practical storage solutions I have used in my boys bedroom….

toy box

I found these toy boxes at a flea market and think they are perfect for storing toys, fancy dress costumes or any ‘bits and bobs’. I really liked the worn look of these boxes, I also distressed the paintwork by sanding the top and sides of the boxes.

To personalise the boxes and add a bit of interest, I painted my kids names and initials using a stencil and acrylic paint. I find this really helps my kids de-clutter after playtime and encourages them to clean up their own mess since they share a room…. Secretly I personalised it in the hopes they would take it with them to university or treasure it as a keepsake for their kids and generations after me to ooh and ahh over…...Well that’s a lot of wishful thinking (but it would be nice though)!

It took some searching to find a bookshelf that could store my kid’s books, was not too big for the room and was in a style my boys would not quickly outgrow. I found this company called Town and Chic on Etsy, who make beautiful handmade furniture. This shelving unit works really well as a bookshelf in my boys bedroom and has enough space on each shelf to store different book sizes. The unit is made from scaffolding boards with steel hairpin legs, giving it an industrial rustic look. 

It seems my boys have an endless supply of cute cuddly toys and the ones not chosen to take pride position on their beds are often used as a football - kicked around the house within an inch of its poor stuffing falling out. In a losing battle to neatly place the cuddly toys on the bed, I use these soft baskets that offer the perfect solution for storing soft toys. They also make for a easy tidy up and complement the existing room décor.