Hello! My name is Vanessa and welcome to ABODE REMEDY my blog, where as a Coach I want to share my love of interior ideas and inspire you to do something great with your home and wellbeing.


“My Journey so far”

I started Abode Remedy in January 2017 to share my ideas and homestyle tips, on ways to create that warm fuzzy feeling of your ideal space. It’s a great feeling when you walk through your front door and love the space that represents you, your own slice of sanctuary. I believe everyone should experience this, no matter the size of space you live in because your home should welcome you. I like to say home represents the heart that ahhhh feeling. After living in the US for five years, my adventures and journey has been inspired by west coast modern living with influences from the various countries that I have visited around the world.

After completing my Masters in Psychology, I came to a crossroad on what my next career move should be. Continue with my studies in psychology or follow this burning desire to pursue a career in wellbeing and mindfulness? I was tempted to explore becoming a psychologist, but the passion I felt for interior design and ideas for the home as well as coaching individuals to live their best life was all I could think about. 

“ Yes I love to Wear Different Hats”

No seriously I do. I love my many different hats, I’m a wife, a mum to two energetic rambunctious boys, a mental health activist, an interior design enthusiast with an addiction to antique flea markets and up-cycled furniture, and an experienced property developer, phew there you go! I love to keep myself busy although, I DO make sure to take time out and look after myself!! My travels and perspective of the world has encouraged me to continue on this journey.


"The Psychology of Home"

So what does psychology have to do with it? My home is my sanctuary, my shrine and I am very meticulous about the things I choose to design and surround myself with.  I have lived in different cities, across the pond in the US and currently reside in the UK. Regardless of the size or location of the place I have lived in, it has always been important for me to feel good when I walk through the front door. Environmental psychologists suggests the home is part of our self-definition, which is why we care so much about decorating and taking care of our home. Paying close attention to your lifestyle, environment and interior elements will evoke a positive effect on your mood and emotions reflecting a meaningful space. Using psychology in your design will not only inspire you to define a space that is a reflection of yourself, it will make your home special.  

Interested in getting in touch? You can say hello.... aboderemedy@gmail.com