5 Quick Ways to Make Your Home a Haven


Happy New Year! I hope you have had a great start to 2017 so far? I love listening to the ideas of how others plan on living their year and all of the exciting things they intend to do. I for one have had a busy start to the year and it got me thinking about what helps me feel relaxed and calm in my busy environment. It is always nice to feel nurtured when you are in your home, so here are five quick tips you can add to your home making you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

1. Light a candle 


Candles produce a lovely ambience to your room, the flickering of the candlelight and warming glow are well know for their soothing properties as they create a relaxing environment. Scented candles is a great way to add a subtle fragrance to your home. There are candles with aromatherapy oils which are perfect at soothing the mind after a long day. The next time you have had a stressful day why not try and light a candle and notice how welcoming your room feels.

2. Add fresh flowers


I always love the feeling of having fresh flowers in my home. Especially greeting them in morning; the smell and different colours are enough to brighten up any room. It is always nice to give flowers, but how often do you treat yourself? This is just as important since studies have shown flowers are good for mental health. Not only do they look good, flowers improve mood and energy levels as well as add a design element to your room. 

3. Invest in a cozy throw to keep you warm


I'm sure I am not the only one who just can't chill on the sofa without a good heavy throw over my legs? It has become a thing in my house, even my boys like to pull a throw out of the basket and snuggle up on the sofa while reading or watching TV.  A good throw is an inexpensive purchase, it is uncomplicated allowing for comforting textures leaving you with a luxurious feel.

4. Lighting is everything


Introducing some good lighting will add warmth and ambience to your room. Not only is it functional, it also adds warmth creating a welcoming environment. Use a mixture of lighting in your home: overhead lights, lamps, LED fairy lights, or build in a dimmer switch to create the ideal mood lighting.

5. Add a soothing scent


Introducing scents to your home can trigger some positive sensations and emotions. I like to use fragrance diffusers and place it as close to the front door as possible, giving me a good whiff of aroma when I come home after a busy day. Fragrance diffusers encourage us to be more productive by charging our brain cells, it is also a great way to help us relax by nurturing and soothing our mood.  Why not try this money saving way to add some luxurious scents to your home.