Inspired in China


My visit to Shanghai and Beijing was one of the most inspiring trips I have taken. I really enjoyed experiencing the different types of food, the culture, history and amazing shopping. I can’t wait to visit again, climbing the great wall was a workout to say the least. Getting to the top of each watchtower (I think we got to eleven) was truly breathtaking.  I'm still trying to work out how the wall was built and how long did it take? The scenery was so beautiful, it made the long walk up worth it! I felt so grateful to have this experience! 


Steps leading up to a watch tower. 


Made it to the top!


The forbidden city, a collection of ancient buildings which was home to two dynasties of imperial rule. The buildings and interior were richly decorated. 


Grand doors.


Moat around imperial city. 


Spending the day in the 798 Art District was one of the highlights of the day. It was nice to take a stroll and view the different galleries showcased by Chinese artists. 


My kids loved these sculptures.