Working on My New Years REVOLUTION


So here’s the thing, towards the end of each year I start to think about all of the things I have achieved or accomplished that year, reflect on the good and the not so great, then create mental notes of all the things I need to stop doing in order to have a fulfilling following year. See, what I have found with this way of thinking normally associated with saying ‘my new years resolution’ is I would focused on the things I shouldn’t be doing instead of putting my energy into the goals and achievements that would improve my life and well-being for the year ahead.

So 2017 was the start of my new years REVOLUTION. I renamed this term for myself, as I no longer wanted to focus on giving up or not doing something, which perpetuated the idea I can't stick to my goals because I couldn’t stop doing it the year before!

Nope, this year is different. I want to associate this year with the terms that represent revolution. My attitude will concentrate on a complete shift in my thinking, a change in my attitudes and conditions, a restructuring of my goals that will lead to a transformation in my life.  So what is the plan to achieve the things I set out to do this year?

Revolutionise My Diet - My goal for 2017 is to create new meals that are nutritious and taste good. I am changing my focus from a long list of do not eats which feels like torture and I have started to create meals that will not only benefit my body but will also satisfy my taste buds.

Revolutionise My Spirit - Paying close attention to my goals and direction, asking myself questions about what makes me happy, what gives me joy and fulfilment? It is important to set intentions about attainable goals. Although I do see the big picture of what I want to achieve, I set short achievable goals so I am not overwhelmed by my journey to the bigger picture.

Revolutionise My Fitness - I am practicing a lot more yoga this year. I love how it makes me feel and how it reduces tension in my mind and body. This has encouraged me to include fitness into my weekly routine to keep my body healthy and strong.

Think of how you can set intentions and goals that could revolutionise your 2017, giving you a positive perspective towards your journey!