Why Scents Make Sense


Summer is here, can you believe we have almost got through six months of the year!! I have visited a few exhibitions over the last couple of months namely, London Design Week, The Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs to name a few. During my visits I realised the importance of scenting your home and how using different scents contributes to the design of your space.


As you know I love to fill my home with different scents and like to use different fragrances in the rooms around my home. I will tend to use zingy citrusy fragrances in the kitchen and bathroom areas as these offer a fresh scent and to tend eliminate cooking smells. It also revitalises and adds energy to the space. In the living room I find jasmine, sandalwood and ylang-ylang scents or those blended with woody notes can help to alleviate stress so I use these fragrances in the living room, which contributes to creating a warm environment. My bedroom is my ultimate sanctuary so I love to use Vanilla scent diffusers which help to make me feel at ease at night and sprays which include neroli during the day to help uplift and revitalise my mood. Using scents can compliment and add warmth to the design of your room creating an everyday luxury. Sense of smells can also have a psychological impact creating a positive effect on your mood and emotions. There are two candle brands I purchased, and I am currently obsessed with these since visiting the home shows.



Vanilla Blanc Diffuser Grenade & Frosted Vanilla £30

I love Vanilla Blanc who make environmentally conscious products. I purchased the grenade and frosted vanilla diffuser which came in this cute box, perfect for a gift. The scent smells divine and is perfect in my bedroom. Plus you can also order refills, so cost effective.....hurrah!! www.vanillablanc.co.uk


Valentte London White Neroli & Lemon Candle £20 and Lemongrass & Rosemary Diffuser £24

If you are looking for a diffuser with a strong scent that energises you, then you should try the Valentte London products which is perfect for creating a powerful aroma around your home. I could smell the scent before I opened the box and because both the candle and diffuser has such an amazing fresh aroma I use the diffuser in my hallway and candle in my kitchen. I also love that the products are handmade and organic at such a reasonable price!  www.valentte.com