My Journey to Growing as a Coach


To say I have always been coaching is an understatement to say the least. Through some of my past work experience as an advocate within the mental health sector and being part of projects to inspire people, I have always had a burning desire to help people reach their goals to be happier and live their best life.

I remember the moment I decided I wanted to become a coach rather than a therapist. I realised the journey to becoming a counsellor was not in my career plan at this time. However I KNEW that I still wanted to work with people exploring unique ideas and pathways towards their goal. I also realised that not everyone needs a clinical diagnosis and you could help someone achieve their goal by focusing on their present moment as well as looking towards their future.

So what is the difference between a life coach and therapist? I discovered through various conversations with other coaches and therapists that there really isn’t one right answer. To some there really isn’t a difference and the lines are blurred to what constitutes a coach to a therapist, but I do know both help their clients immensely.  To put it in simple terms and in my opinion, a coach meets the client at a place where they are ready to work on the present and therefore move toward setting up the future. A coach will help the client identify their goals and obstacles they may be facing, helping to explore and expand their choices. They are trained in helping clients move forward in life.

So once I decided not to do what felt safe, to go with my passion rather than what seemed like the ‘right’ thing to do, I created this blog. My journey to growing as a coach has led me to further my training and become certified. Although coaching is an unregulated industry and you currently don’t need a certification to work as a coach. I felt it was important for me to receive some top-notch training that will help me to develop the skills I need to grow as a coach.

You see I have this passion for interior blogging, interior design, home organisation and believe that if your home rises up to meet you, you would have created a safe space to be yourself. It will give you a chance to get creative about your life and become less afraid about making the RIGHT decisions for you, in your life, in this moment. Abode Remedy has become a catalyst for this. Creating the right environment for yourself can help you to feel clearer and understand what you want from life and from this world!

As I have said before, I believe your home is the breadth for which you move in. Home to me doesn’t just mean your house, the place where you lay your head at night. Home to me also means your heart. What is your heart telling you? Or you may be experiencing so many overwhelming feelings right now that you need help to explore those beliefs and fears. When you look at your life what do you see for yourself, and what steps will it take for you to get there? My intention as a coach is to provoke these questions in the your mind so that you can create the type of life that serves you right now in this moment.

Feeling stuck, or feel like you are at a crossroads? Ever considered using a coach? Want to know more, lets talk! Click the link below.