Add Drama to Your Cloakroom


The cloakroom or downstairs toilet, normally the smallest room in your house may be last on your list for decorating. However you shouldn’t abandon this well used yet quirky room, as the cloakroom is the perfect place to get creative and experiment with big bold designs and fun colours. I knew I wanted my cloakroom to look inviting and elegant with some interesting art, however the room didn’t really allow for pictures on the wall without making the space look small.


I decided to go for this Farrow and Ball blue and grey wallpaper.  The pattern features a bold botanical garden detail which combines the colour and art theme I was looking for. I was so happy with the result as the wallpaper makes a big statement and adds drama to the room enhancing the sense of space.  Don’t be deterred by strong colours or patterns, as this will make your cloakroom look taller. You can balance your design choices with minimal curved and subtle fittings.  Dark or neutral flooring will accentuate your wallpaper choice and since you don’t have to use rolls and rolls of wallpaper, you can splurge on what you want for that opulent feel!