Four Simple Blank Wall Ideas

Its funny how too many blank walls can actually make your room look smaller. It can also be quite a task to source the different pieces of art you like and intimidating to find pieces which compliment your existing décor. Here I share a couple of tips you can use around your home to fill up that large bare wall and create some interest to your space.


1. Create your own personal gallery

When it comes to adding some personality to your blank wall, consider creating a photo gallery using snaps of your family and friends. A collage of pictures is a great way to tell a story with the results of a well-designed gallery wall! I find using neutral dark tones against white walls create a dramatic look. Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to create a gallery wall.


2. Turn to wall art

If the idea of looking for and hanging multiple art pieces seems overwhelming, using bold wall art can capture a dramatic look. Large wall art can also add opulence to bare walls. Use neutral tones in rooms where the décor is colourful or use your wall art to create a bold statement to your design.


3. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Using mirrors to fill a large blank wall not only adds interest but also reflects light around the room. I mentioned in a previous post how adding mirrors in your room is a classic way to reflect light around the space.  It also creates an optical illusion opening up the room making the area look brighter and lighter. 


4. Time to use a clock

You can expand your options on filling a blank wall – especially in areas with long narrow walls. Look beyond art or photographs and display a large clock to create a bold statement and of course keep track of the time! I like to use my large clock at the top of my stairs to add character and interest to the space.