Essex House - Master Bedroom

After our move back to the UK and in search for a bigger house we took a leap of faith and renovated a 1950’s house into our dream home.


Four years ago we decided to move back to London after an amazing 5 years of living in Portland, Oregon. We moved back into our three-bedroom house which we had owned for 10 years and decided to do a kitchen and loft extension to create some more space. Once the building work was complete, it was a bittersweet moment for my husband and I. Did we enjoy living in dust and the constant noise? No. However recognising how much we enjoyed the process made us think about our next project. This was the beginning of a journey that inspired us to take our renovating and building ideas to the next level in pursuit for our forever home…well at least until the kids fly the nest!


When it came to finding the perfect home, I truly believe this house found us and was waiting for us. I guess I could call it fate or luck but I do believe we were meant to have this house. In 2018 we took the plunge, uprooted the family and moved closer to the forest on the London/Essex borders. It took us a year to tear down and re-build our current home. Our 1950’s home was occupied by one family for over 25 years and was vacant for five so was in need of a lot of TLC. It has been a fun experience to take on this project, seeing our ideas come to life. I would love for you to come on tour with me as I welcome you to have a look around my home. Starting with the master bedroom.


Our master bedroom was one of the first rooms completed in our huge renovation. Working with our builder, we decided to create a master suite using a smaller bedroom as our dressing room and taking some space from the guest room to create an en-suite bathroom. I wanted to create a sanctuary for us, an adult only zone where we could kick back and relax at the end of a busy day. Needless to say our room has become the sanctuary for the whole family. Movie nights and lazy sunday mornings has become a ritual for us in this room.